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Adopt Me! Bluegrass Pet Rescue provides medical, emotional, and behavioral support for each and every companion animal we rescue from neglectful situations…. We take in many medical and behavioral cases that raise our expenses, and we support our Paws Behind Bars prison training program to help those dogs that need emotional or behavioral training to excel and become their best and happiest self! Our fundraiser helps us cover our annual medical expenses which are extensive because we take in so many complex cases like broken bones, skin conditions, special needs, seniors requiring extensive medical testing, physical therapy sessions, advanced behavior training, etc. 

Your newly adopted dog may have some level of obedience training already, or they may not have any. It's also possible that something in their past will trigger behavioral issues. That's why it's important that you take the time to train and socialize our newly adopted companion.

Expect a Period of Adjustment

When you adopt a puppy or dog  from a shelter, it comes with a history—not the least of which is being relinquished to the shelter. Keep in mind that the stress of this, along with whatever the dog has experienced in its past, can make it less than confident in new surroundings.

Common Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes new owners make with rescue dogs are related to assuming too much (or too little) about the dog's past. Not every dog in a shelter had a traumatic past and, on the flip side, not all of them were properly trained or socialized. On every aspect of your dog's care, take the approach that it is a blank slate waiting for your direction, training, and love.

Asking about the dog's history before adopting can help, but this information should still be taken with a grain of salt. After all, the shelter workers may only have limited information about its past and it's likely their only interaction with the dog was in the shelter environment, which is completely different than a home. Start from scratch and you'll build a better relationship with your pup!



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