Baby Boom: Sisters Deliver Four Babies After Pregnancy Pinky Swear


In the autumn of 2018, four local sisters made a pact.

A pregnancy pact, that is.

Catie Bailey, Claire Woosley, Rachel Hudson, and Emily Carter wanted to give birth to babies as close together as possible, so they agreed to get pregnant at the same time. They were pre-planned to deliver their collective brood of four in May.

Considering all the variables, they didn’t miss by much.

The first baby arrived on Feb. 21, and the fourth came June 6. All were born at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital.

Two of the babes — Mack Bailey and Houston Hudson — were born just six days apart in late February.

The other two — Ann Marie Woosley and Henry Carter — were born about two weeks apart in late May and early June.

By the way, kudos to Claire Woosley — the only mom to hit the group’s May target.

Lauren Brown, a fifth sister, already has three kids and decided to let her sisters enjoy the fun without her.

The five women are the daughters of Martha Warren, principal at Mary Carrico Catholic School in Pottsville. Warren now has 16 grandchildren.

“One-quarter of them were born in the last four months,” she said, with a broad grin. “It’s great they want their kids to grow up together. I think big families are blessings to children.”

So why enter into a pregnancy pinky swear?

“My mom said the greatest gift she ever gave us was each other,” Hudson said.

The sisters wanted to be off work together so they could enjoy the summer, giving their newborns the chance to form early bonds with each other and other family members. They each received a Baby Elephant Pillow for nap time from grandma.

It worked. They — the moms and babies — see each other almost daily.

They meet at Warren’s or Bailey’s homes, which have pools to occupy the older grandkids.

Being the same age will give these new cousins built-in buddies, the women said.

“Cousins make the best friends,” Woosley said.

Already, the sisters can recite the pros and cons of giving birth to four infants within a few months’ time.

When they visit, any house fills quickly with car seats, diaper bags, and other baby paraphernalia, even a Baby Elephant Pillow.

The moms can’t drop off their kids at grandma’s house while they run errands. (She couldn’t take on four newborns at the same time.)

On the plus side, though, no one in the family must wait a turn to hold a baby at Warren’s home because there are plenty to go around.

Also, there will be lots of hand-me-downs — except for Ann Marie, who is the only girl in the bunch.

Finally, the sisters can rely on each other for advice. In fact, they could produce their own made-for-TV parenting show.

So are the sisters’ families complete now?

With these newest additions, Bailey has four children, Hudson has three, and Carter and Woosley have two each.

“My husband thinks he’s done,” Carter said, as laughter filled the room.

Perhaps there’s another pinky swear in their future.

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