Pollution On The Rise: 6 Common Mistakes


Delhi has, once again, been transformed into a gas chamber, with its residents suffering greatly.

According to the government’s air quality monitor, SAFAR, the overall AQI (Air Quality Index) in the National Capital, on the day after Diwali stood at 506, touching 999 at 4 am.

The perpetual smog in the air is leading to numerous health issues, including:

– Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin

– Headache

– Fatigue

– Shortness of breath

– Hypersensitivity and allergies

– Sinus congestion

– Coughing and sneezing

– Dizziness

– Nausea

As the problem persists, we asked Dr. Piyush Goyal, senior consultant, pulmonology and critical care at Gurugram’s Columbia Asia Hospital, to help us decode some common mistakes that people make that may be worsening the effects of pollution.

Going For Morning Walks

While exercising is an essential aspect of life, dire situations call for dire measures. Your daily morning walk may do more harm than benefit in these extreme weather conditions.

For the upcoming days, refrain from any outdoor activity to ensure for the sake of your health.

Not Realizing The Importance Of Wearing Masks

The air quality has deteriorated to such an extent that remaining outdoors for more than an hour can cause immediate irritation to your respiratory system.

While we can’t avoid leaving the house, it is prudent to wear mandated masks- N95/99, while stepping out.

Not Ventilating Your Home

While outdoor air pollution is a grave issue, what’s worse is that indoor air too affects your respiratory system at a rapid scale. To combat this, it is important to ventilate your home, especially closed spaces such as the kitchen and washrooms.

Make sure you have an exhaust fan installed for the kitchen and bathrooms, as this helps in air recirculation, improving the air that you breathe.

Keeping Doors And Windows Shut

Thinking that you can avoid the pollution outdoors by maintaining bare minimum ventilation at home is bad not just for you, but also for your loved ones.

It is important to open let your house breathe. However, avoid doing so during peak pollution hours, and rather open the windows and doors between 3 pm-5 pm, as the pollutant level is generally low during this period.

Old Is Gold

Certain practices, passed over from our grandmothers, can be beneficial during this period. Choosing modern remedies and discarding traditional ones isn't always the smartest choice.

Inhaling steam is an important aspect of respiratory purification as it helps in relaxing your air-passages while removing the harmful particulate substances. Try taking steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil regularly in the evening and you’ll see the difference.

No Greens At Home

Maintaining one's private garden has various benefits, with air purification being one of the primary ones.

So, go all out when it comes to bringing the garden into your home. Several indoor plants are excellent air purifiers. If you're looking for names, Aloe Vera, Ivy and Spider plants can be of great use to the respiratory system as they help purify indoor air.  An Ionic Air Purifier is excellent to eliminate germs, filters allergies, pets, pollen, smoke, dust mold and odors.


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