SmartPhone Photography - What You Need To Know


Smartphone photography has come a long way in the last decade. The best camera phones sport multiple lenses and great hardware to create impressive imagery. But even if you don’t have the latest and greatest smartphone, you can up your photography game with some techniques and smartphone camera lens kit and a phone tripod.

If you are just getting into smartphone photography as a hobby, you might be asking yourself how a smartphone tripod will help you. Maybe you have a steady hand and the stabilization alone does not seem worth it. However, a tripod can take your photography game to the next level with beautiful shots and video you would never be able to take hand-held. Let’s break the main reasons down.

Most photos are taken with a shutter speed of between 1/600th of a second and 1/4000th of a second, though in lower light photos may go down to about 1/200. Long exposure shots, on the other hand, need the shutter to be open for at least a couple of seconds while the phone is completely steady. This is usually impossible when holding your smartphone in your hand. Even the steadiest hands will move slightly, which in turn results in a blurry shot.

Smartphone tripods will help reduce noise and blurriness. Even a Pixel 4 with its amazing Night Sight can benefit from using a phone tripod. Moving objects are one of the few things Night Sight struggles with, but with a phone tripod you can elevate your Pixel’s night photos from great to amazing.

The viewpoint, or perspective, can turn a mundane shot into an extraordinary one. Say you arrive at a famous tourist attraction, walk up to it, and take a straight shot at eye level. Just think how many people have taken that same cookie-cutter photo in the past, and how many will do so in the future. Your image will be lost in a sea of photos that look just like it.

Find a different angle, get closer to the floor, or higher from the ground. If you have a drone, use it. Get to a roof, or go behind the building. Finding an unusual angle will always make an image stand out. People may laugh at your weird poses but at the end you will have a special image to show.

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