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Doctors and Nutritionists alike have recommended  hydrogen water.  It has been proven scientifically to enhance energy and athletic performance.  It increases your metabolism and aids weight loss.  Also, it decreases inflammation and is the best antioxidant for your body.  Hydrogen water's antioxidant characteristics have proven to decrease acne, keep your skin clear and aid in the anti-aging process.

Small studies show that hydrogen water may reduce oxidative stress in people undergoing radiation, boost performance in athletes, and improve certain blood markers in those with metabolic syndrome. 

Hydrogen water is made by bubbling pure hydrogen gas into water, or by using electrolysis, which decomposes the water molecule to hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.   Since molecular hydrogen is an odorless, tasteless gas, hydrogen water doesn't taste any different than regular water.

Hydrogen (H2) is a component of water (H20) that is tasteless, colorless and odorless in its natural gaseous state. Researchers in Japan discovered in 2007 that the hydrogen gas can help protect the brain from free radicals, and thus, act as antioxidant which is beneficial to health. Since then, further studies revealed that drinking hydrogen-infused water is a convenient, practical way to bring in the beneficial molecule into the body for health benefits.

There are no known side effects in ingesting molecular hydrogen. Furthermore, a high concentration of hydrogen is not toxic. You too can enjoy the benefits of hydrogenated water.  All you have to do is add water and turn on the power button to start the hydrogen generation process, which lasts for 5 minutes. The bottle is designed with technology to produce and retain concentrated hydrogen water to as much as 1,200 parts per billion.

The portable Hydrogen water bottle is created with innovative technology because it allows you to generate your hydrogen-infused water wherever you are, even when you’re on vacation overseas. It’s a convenient, handy version of the bulky Hydrogen water generators available in the market these days. 

 The health benefits of drinking hydrogen water cannot be underestimated.

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