Want To Easily Remove Gel Nail Polish?

Gel polish is a long-lasting variety of nail polish made up of a type of methacrylate polymer. It is painted on the nail similar to traditional nail polish, but does not dry. Instead it is cured under an ultraviolet lamp or ultraviolet LED. While regular nail polish formulas typically last two to seven days without chipping, gel polish can last as long as two weeks with proper application and home care. Gel polish can be more difficult to remove than regular nail polish.

You probably could remove gel nails with regular polish remover, but you would have to allow the  to soak for a very long time. 

Acetone does not dissolve gel nails, so they have to be removed at a salon by buffing . Repeated buffing can lead to thinning of the nail plate.

You can also use olive oil or cuticle oil to remove gel nail polish. Cover the nail with oil and also the fingernail you are using to push off the gel polish. You can also use an orangewood stick. Try to push off the gel polish as gently as possible and go slowly.


Use Magic Gel Nail Polish Remover - Fast Within 2-3 MINS


1. Use a frosted strip to polish the Nail Top Coat
2. Apply nail remover and try to avoid applying it to the surrounding skin.
3. Wait 1-2 minutes, until the nail polish is completely burst
4. Push away the residual nail polish
5. Remove the nail polish

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