What Is An Eco-Friendly Pet?

Rabbits, goats, chickens, and ducks are undoubtedly some of the most Eco-friendly pets. These animals are hardly a substitute for cats and dogs, but from an environmental standpoint, they are less ecologically harmful. The waste that all four of these animals produce can be used as valuable fertilizer for healthy garden products.

How Can I Be Eco-Friendly With My Pet?

Choose Eco-friendly Pet Products. Purchase your pet's necessities from Eco-friendly companies.

Recycle your pet food containers.

Reduce plastic products.

Donate old pet gear.

Clean up with Eco-friendly bags.

Cut down on processed food.

Shop Eco-friendly.

Always clean up after your pet.

If you're a pet parent who also harbors some Eco-guilt, check out the following tips:

Buy—or Make Your Own—Sustainable Pet food.

Choose Eco-friendly Pet Products like Green Toys and Supplies. Use Non-Toxic Grooming and Pest Protection Methods.

Prevent Pet Waste Pollution.

Bob Barker is Right, Spay or Neuter Your Pets.

Here are six ways to be an Eco-friendly cat owner.

Buy cat food in bulk.

Buy Sustainable cat food.

Buy Eco-friendly pet toys.

Give cats their independence.

Buy Biodegradable pet waste bags.

Buy Eco-friendly cat litter.

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